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Monica Barrios

Founder of Local House Offers

Founder of Local House Offers

Monica Barrios founded Local House Offers in 2016 when she meet a group of individual Real Estate Agents and Investor on a mission to provide the best service for homeowners in distress. Inspired by their dedication and commitment to serve homeowners she brought the small team together to execute on a vision that put homeowners first across all of California.

Monica loves the ability to bring her three child along with her while working. She is able to spend time with them as well as teach them about showing up for others.

Stephanie & Eric Walker

Local House Offers Acquisition Managers

Stephanie and husband Eric Walker have years of experience working with homeowners in Central and Southern California. Born and raised in Southern California they have dedicated the majority of their time serving the Bakersfield community. They continue to contribute to the growth and development of Bakersfield. Stephanie is a Hybrid Real Estate Agent who brings honesty to every homeowner she works with. Her ability to put the homeowner first is well received.

When the Walkers are not serving homeowners they enjoy spending time together exploring new experiences throughout Southern California.

Pat Lutz

Local House Offers Acquisition Manager

Local House Offers Manager

Pat has decades of experience in Real Estate across the nation. She has a passion for helping sellers with honesty, delight, and a commitment to do right by them. Having lived in different parts of California she brings an abundance of knowledge to the team in specific to communities and neighborhoods in California.

When Pat is not working with homeowners she spends time with her husband of forty plus years. They have experienced numerous adventure and continue to seek what next.

Jack Decker

Local House Offers Homeowner Specialist

Local House Offers Homeowner Specialist

Jack has a passion for problem solving with homeowners. He is often the one answering homeowner calls to ensure they have the information they need to make the best decision for their family. Jack is a Hybrid Real Estate Agent who brings the best service to his homeowners. Confused about listing or selling fast. He’s will give you an honest evaluation of your personal situation.

Jack has a house full of dogs that he get’s to spoil in between speaking with homeowners. He can often be found catering to the oldest.

Jose Chavez

Local House Offers Bilingual Manager

Local House Offers Bilingual Manager

Jose Chavez brings great value to our Spanish speaking homeowners by easing their fears speaking in their native language. He is often out in the field working with homeowners facing foreclosure. He takes great pride in properly educating homeowners on all their options. He brings honesty and integrity to every homeowner meeting.

Jose spends his free time improving his fitness and personal development. He is dedicated to being the best version of himself.