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Retired “Can’t Afford My Riverside, California House Payment.”

Riverside, California

Is your Retirement income less than you expected? What seemed like a large amount of money ten years ago is not today. Let’s face it the cost of living has gone up and if your income has not you might find yourself in trouble with your Riverside, California House. You have option to keep or sell your house. This article will give you resources for both.

Sell The House

If you have enough equity selling your house may make sense. Best case you have enough equity to buy in full a smaller house or maybe a mobile home. Maybe you may have enough equity to fully buy a home out of state where housing cost less. Moving out of state may be a scary thought but there are friendly people all over. It’s always great to have nice neighbors. 

There are a couple of ways Local House Offers can help you with selling your home. Option one is using one of our experienced agents to traditionally list your home on the open market, hold open houses and get top dollar. If a traditional sale makes sense a Local House Offers Agent can help.

Another way Local House Offers can help is by buying your home directly from you. This is a great option for homeowners who need to move quickly or just can’t afford the expensive repairs needed to list their house on the open market. This option will include a cash offer without any Real Estate Agent fees. If you don’t want to do costly repairs, hold open houses, or pay Real Estate Agent fees this option will make sense for you. If this makes sense to you contact us for an offer today!

The third option that may fit your personal situation may be a partnership with Local House Offers. With this option we agree to bring the money to the table needed to fix up your house to list it on the open market and get the most money possible and split profits. This situation fits homeowners that need major repairs but are able to wait to get cash from the sale of their house. If this sounds like the option that makes the most sense for you reach out to Local House Offers. We will explain in detail what a partnership with you will look like.

I Want To Keep My Home

If the ability to make your monthly house payment gives you anxiety know you have options. Times are tough and the government has started a new program for seniors. The Senior Relief Program started on February 1, 2022. This may be the answer to your prayers. 

If you are serious about keeping your home. Action Saves Homes can educate you in detail what government support may be available for you. You can reach them at 657-229-2191 or

Loan Modification

Action Saves Homes is a company that is committed to assisting homeowners with loan modifications. Most often homeowners in foreclosure apply for loan modifications but you do not have to be in foreclosure to apply. Loan Modification are simply a modification to your existing loan. Keep in mind the homeowner must have a hardship to qualify. Action Saves Homes has helped hundreds of homeowners get approved. If this sounds like it might be what you need check out their site


Refinancing may be an option if you have a high interest rate. Refinancing may lower your monthly payment but maybe not enough. It’s a lot to consider but be patience and honest with your numbers. If you’re still confused a Local House Offers Agent will be able to have a one on one consult with you. Simply fill out the form for an appointment Contact Us 

Reverse Mortgage

You may also be able to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage. A Reverse Mortgage is a program for homeowners over the age of 62. As the homeowner you are able to borrow against the equity in your home. However you must have enough equity in your home and your home must meet certain requirements. Action Saves Homes can review the current requirements with you. Give them a call at http://657-229-2191 for more information.

Local House Offers is committed to preventing homelessness. That is why we partner with Action Saves Homes. If you are still confused on your best option give us a call and we will review all the option in regards to your personal situation. Let’s talk! Contact Us

Monica Barrios

Born and raised in Southern California. She built a real estate investing team that buys houses in the communities they live in, we care about the people we buy houses from, which is why our team cares about your experience.

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